Business owners and property managers across the Chicagoland area have discovered that window film from 5Star increases comfort for everyone who enters their building. Whether it’s a new facility or retrofit project, by outfitting your windows with commercial window film, you will enjoy greater satisfaction among your tenants, as well as lower energy costs overall.

5Star offers professional installation of window film with minimal disruption to your business. The difference after installation is immediate –reduced glare, more consistent, indoor temperatures, and happier customers, tenants, and employees overall. They can still enjoy the natural light and views they desire, but get none of the harmful UV rays that can disrupt their comfort and their day. Plus, window films enhance your building’s appearance and complement its design attractiveness.

Because we believe so strongly in the value of tinting your windows, 5Star is the only Chicagoland installer to offer a true  warranty on both our window tint and the labor.

Raising Comfort… Lowering Costs

A comfortable employee is a productive one, and a satisfied tenant is a profitable one.

5Star offers 7 packages to help style your home.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting


Skin Protection

By simply installing commercial window tinting you can protect yourself, your customers, and your tenants from damaging UV rays while still enjoying the warmth and vitamin D of the sun’s rays. Window tinting cuts back on the sun’s damaging UV rays by over 90%, greatly diminishing your risk of skin-related health problems. 


Furniture Protection

Don’t keep you curtains closed to protect your belongings! Furnishing and decorating your building takes a great amount of time and effort. Window tinting can reduce color loss and material breakdown of your furniture, walls, art, photos, flooring, rugs, and window treatments from sun exposure. 

Fill your building with light and enjoy your view with commercial window tinting.


Increased Energy Efficiency

Window tinting will conserve your building’s heat in the winter months while repelling the heat in the summer months. This will give your HVAC systems a break, saving you money on your utility bills.

Minimize heating and cooling loss through your building’s windows and increase your energy savings without investing in replacement windows.


Reduced Glare

Window tinting allows you to enjoy ample natural light while reading or using your computer and mobile devices, without experiencing eyestrain and discomfort caused by glare.


Enhanced Privacy and Style

Window tinting can also add a decorative and aesthetic appeal to your building. Window tinting allows beautiful natural light to enter your property while simultaneously obscuring your building’s interior from outside viewers.  It is also an excellent choice for areas inside your commercial building that may require some extra privacy, such as office doors and meeting room partitions.

Levels of Protection


Cool Touch IR

With a virtually clear look, inside and out, the Cool Touch IR is the highest performance clear technology in the world. It’s a perfect fit for our customers looking for the highest performance with the natural look of clear glass.



5Star’s Non-Reflective residential tint reduces glare without increasing reflectivity and can be applied to single pane, dual pane, and dual pane low e glass. 

With 3 distinctive VLTs, this film is designed to take care of the heating and glare problems found in most buildings.


Low Reflective

5Star’s Low Reflective commercial window film is not only designed to improve your home’s energy efficiency and reduce glare but is built to excel in all environments and allows for a natural look with low reflectivity.

The 3 available VLTs, this nano-ceramic is 100% dye-free and provides true ceramic durability



5Star’s Reflective commercial window tint is the perfect choice for a homeowner looking to preserve their connection to the great outdoors through their windows but is not concerned about the shine on the interior and exterior sides on the glass.



5Star’s Security commercial window film is designed to cater to the safety and security needs of our customers. Available in a clear or Metallic version, our security films help hold the glass in place when a force is applied to it. From helping glass become more secure in break-ins to helping hold glass together in an accidental break, 5Star’s Security commercial window film can reduce injury. The Metallic series can provide energy-saving and glare reduction in addition to safety and security.


Anti Graffiti

5Star’s Anti Graffiti commercial window film is a proactive way to reduce expensive damage to your glass. Designed to act as an external clear skin to the glass to help reduce vandalism and graffiti, 5Star’s Anti Graffiti will help customers concerned about the outside of their glass.



5Star’s Decorative commercial window tint is designed to help create a custom glass look, reduce glare and increase privacy. 

With 3 unique styles, one can choose the best individual look for their needs or use a combination of options to create something out of the ordinary.

What can I use to wash my tinted windows?

Use foaming glass cleaners like Glass Plus, or soap and water with a rubber squeegee, soft cotton cloth or paper towels. Avoid using anything abrasive.

How long will commercial window film last?

Our commercial window films carry lifetime warranties against any type of cracking, peeling, discoloring, blistering, or delamination as well as defects in workmanship.

Because we believe so strongly in the value of tinting your windows, 5Star is the only Chicagoland installer to offer a true LIFETIME warranty on both our window tint and the labor.

Will the film make my windows or room look dark?

No. Most films installed by 5Star can hardly be detected, but the difference can be felt.

Will the film reduce my heating and cooling costs?

Yes. In the winter, window film helps insulate the glass and keep heat in, reducing energy costs. In the summer, the film controls solar heat gain, thus reducing your cooling costs. On average, clients can expect to see a 15% reduction in energy costs once the window film is installed.

We have dual pane windows. Can they be tinted?

Yes! Dual-pane or thermal pane have two pieces about 1/2″ apart with gas sealed in-between and are very common in today’s buildings. Your windows can be tinted, but certain guidelines need to be followed because dual panes are more vulnerable to stress than single-pane windows.

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